weight loss


I just weighed in downstairs. My rate of loss has slowed down because I’ve been snacking more and eating like crap and avoiding the treadmill more often, but I’m still losing. Today’s weight is 299. This is the first time since 1995 that I’m under 300 pounds. THAT makes my mood improve quite a bit. …

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I’m Back

I’m back, and I’ve got no huge news to report. No hilarious stories, though I did laugh quite a bit. No drama. I got home and weighed in… and I gained one pound. I suppose that’s good, considering the ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF FOOD that they had there. To make up for my lack of writing, …

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Renaissance Update

It’s Friday evening and, after my workout and shower, I just weighed in. 339 pounds. Five pounds shed in seven days. Eleven pounds lost in twelve days. While I know that this pace won’t continue, I’ve pretty excited about it. Regardless of the pace, I feel better. I’m happy to be eating right. I’m only …

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