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I love my Dad


My weekend was packed full of busyness. Friday night, CSI-Guy and I went down to Augusta to stand around in our boots and black clothes and listen to angry industrial music. By midnight, we were both pretty exhausted, so we stuck it out until we couldn’t hold out any longer, and then headed home. (Of …

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Today’s Three Things

I’ve actually been keeping up with this, but didn’t feel like sharing them all. Today I will, though they may nto be related to things that actually happened today. 1) I am thankful for my writing. Without this outlet, I would go irrevocably mad. (Not necessarily this blog. I have other writing outlets.) 2) I …

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It’s time to deviate from the rants and the relationship quandaries. It’s time to talk about something that will have my eyes moist by the time I’m done writing. It’s time to pay homage to one of my most admired men. Most people, when asked to name the people they most admire, will name off …

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