I want a fucking cigarette I want a plate full of cheese fries I want a joint a roll a line a hit a midnight fuck that lasts ’til dawn I want anything Everything But all I really need is Control

Mending Souls

Every soul is torn in twain And seeks to become whole again Divided thus, across two hearts It cannot stand to be apart And so it strives to close the gap between these hearts across the map searching so to mend the split and find the mate for which it’s fit In my heart I …

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The house is empty now No laughter, just the soft hum of electronics But there are reminders Golden strands of hair, scattered in random places The scent, Her scent, still on the pillow she used Each thing reminds of the other Emptiness Despite that, I can’t help but smile The Bumble smiles with me, as …

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The Last One

The last cigarette passes from her lips to mine and back again The lights are off The emotions are on Each drag ticks away the time Until the last one I give it to her with a smile and a wish And then the moment is gone Somewhere… in the background… there is music Beautiful …

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The Cage

She sits in her glass cage Smiling at me Wanting to touch me, and be touched Wanting to hold me, and be held As minutes become months, her smile wanes Wanting becomes yearning becomes longing Banging on the glass of her prsion, she screams “Let me in!” And finally I see It is not she …

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The Jester

The Jester — I will dance and I will sing And I will entertain my king With smile bright and insides pained No one guesses what is feigned I’ll wear this grin and play the fool And never cry, that is my rule Pain runs deep, clear to my bone No one knows that I’m …

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