I Shouldn’t Write When Drunk

First, let me say that I don’t think I have a drinking problem. I drink (and smoke, I know, I’m sorry but I caved at the grocery check-out today, It’s just SO fucking soothing at a time when I need some soothing) when I grill, which is roughly once a week now. Also, I’ve got the hot dogs/hot dog buns problem with Jaeger and Red Bull, where I always have some of one or the other leftover, and neither really mixes well with other shit so I keep buying whatever is short. I’m definitely going to switch to screwdrivers, though, because orange juice is cheaper than Red Bull.

Second, if you managed to log in during the brief window when the last post from this evening was visible and read it, ignore it. It’s now been hidden. I won’t delete it, just as I haven’t deleted any of the previous ten years worth of posts, but I don’t think it’s fit for human consumption.

Third, the steak I grilled tonight was pretty fucking good. I had hoped to eat Mexican with some friends, but one of them has a cough and has been exposed recently enough that we decided to be cautious. On that note, though, I no longer fear COVID. I don’t have anyone here to infect now, so fuck it.

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