I Hate This

I ordered the flowers two days ago, so that I could make sure they’d get there today. Thursdays are a busy day for her, though, and she has to be in front of people in the afternoon, so I decided to email her to let her know that they were coming. If they made her cry, I didn’t want her to have to suffer being all puffy-faced right before standing in front of everyone. All day long, I worried about it, though. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a terrible idea. I shouldn’t have done it. She doesn’t want them. They’re not going to make her smile. And I’m not even sure if that’s depression or rationality talking to me.

But also, all day goes by and I don’t get a text alert saying they’ve been delivered. So then I’m doubly-certain that I’ve wasted my money. And then, at 6:30pm, my phone beeps and says they’re delivered. I don’t think she’s working that late, even on the busiest of Thursdays, so either someone else is throwing the flowers away for her or this company sucks at text alerts.

I’m real bad at this.

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