Open Letter to DVD Manufacturers

Dear Makers of DVDs,
I use Netflix, despite the price increases and drop in inventory, to watch movies. I watch these movies for the actual movie portion. Over the past few years, you have increased the number of commercials before the movie, and you’ve disabled the fast-forward and menu buttons during these commercials. You even advertise the Blu-Ray format on a Blu-Ray disc. No shit, it’s better. That’s why I’m watching it. Your Marketing departments will be able to back me up on the following statement: Commercials are the worst form of advertising in existence. People have trained their brains to shut off during a commercial, rendering them pointless. Now, I realize this complaint should be addressed to the actual makers of the commercials, and not to you, as all you’re doing is selling the air time to these companies. Still, it needed to be said because it’s ridiculous to force me to sit through them.
This latest “feature” you’ve introduced, however, pisses me off to no end. You’ve started disabling bonus content on “rental versions” of the movies. Again, I really only care about the movie portion of the disc, but to show me a bonus features menu after the movie finishes, and then to laugh and tell me you won’t show them to me is just wrong. Don’t include the bonus content menu if you’re not including the content at all. Just put up a commercial saying how nice it would be if I bought your movie because then I’d be able to see the alternate ending to Hanna.
Try as you might to make viewers angry with Netflix, I can honestly say that I have a Netflix account for television shows, not for movies. You’re not going to drive me away from them. And Netflix? Don’t give up.

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