Politics, May 2011

I don’t like to get political.  Politics, in my opinion, are a terrible joke.  No one cares about the truth or about what’s right anymore.  It’s all about making your opponent wrong.  Because, as your average American will agree, proving your opponent wrong means that you’re right.  (And I have no statistics to back up that statement, but I’m taking a liberty in saying that the “average American” doesn’t understand how logic actually works, and probably doesn’t care.)
The Internet, and especially gaming on the Internet, has made the world a much smaller place for me.  I’ve “virtually” met, and keep in touch with, dozens of people from Europe, a few from Asia, and five from Australia/New Zealand.  So I get a good mix of what “intelligent people” from other countries actually think about America.  Frankly, it’s embarrassing to be an American at times.  They have their share of problems, too… but they don’t make a habit of turning their problems into international situations.  Anyways, I get off track.  The point is that being an American is not quite as cool as it used to be.  And because of that feeling, I need to vent about several things.
First…  that guy that we just killed overseas.  You know his name.  I’m not going to write it in this post, or mention the T-word, just because who knows what Google does with words like that.  I’ll just call him Ralph.  Sunday night, as I was going to bed, I turned on the television just to have some background noise while the dogs were outside doing their business.  The news was on.  Ralph had been killed.  We had sent in a team straight out of a Tom Clancy novel (and even used the same number, 6,  as him) and pa-chow.  Dead Ralph.
I didn’t smile.  I didn’t frown.  To be honest, I felt no emotion at all about it,  Justice, assuming Ralph was guilty of everything we’ve been told he’s guilty of, was served.  I finished brushing my teeth, let the dogs back in, and watched the news for a couple of hours.  (They didn’t really say anything new during that time.  They basically just kept finding new ways to say Ralph had been killed.)  On Monday, I went to work and surfed the news sites a little on my breaks.  I found three different sites that gave an unnamed US official as a source for the statement that the purpose of the mission was to go in and kill Ralph.  Translation, it was an assassination mission.
This country has publicly decried assassination as an acceptable tactic.  So that basically means we’re hypocrites.  We could have stated anywhere along the line that we were changing our stance on assassination, even if only in this particular case, and avoided looking like world-class assholes.
Of course, today, the stories have been re-worded slightly.  Now they’re saying we would have accepted surrender, but we didn’t expect it to be very likely, and the stories I found yesterday have been modified as well.  So either we have an “unnamed source” in Washington who needs to be named and fired, or we have a good PR team that knows how to cover up small slips like this.
And speaking over cover-ups, this brings me to my second topic.  The birthers have a new conspiracy to be crazy about.  There’s no actual evidence that we killed Ralph.  Pictures, DNA results, and a burial at sea can all be faked, after all, just like the moon landing.  When did crazy become so socially acceptable?  If Ralph isn’t really dead, he would’ve already released a statement.  However, if he was a truly clever mastermind, he would have recorded a message stating he was alive every morning, and in that recording state that it was the following day.  Then he could have his courier take that recording off-site, to be played the following day in case he was ever killed.  (It’s scary how much thought I’ve given to this.)  Besides which, if he ISN’T dead, and it comes out later…  wow… that would be an act of political suicide that rivals choosing Palin as your running mate.  (I’m talking to you, John.  You had my vote right up until she opened her mouth.)  So, birthers, please stop being crazy.  We’re all full up on it.
And crazy brings me to my third topic.  Donald Trump for president.  Are you fucking serious?  Really?  What the hell are you guys thinking?  Please, explain it to me as if I were a child, because I REALLY want to understand this.  I know that Republicans love saving money, and I know that running for president costs a lot of it, but you guys really need to find a candidate who will come forward and, in a resounding voice, say “I WILL DO IT.”  Even The Donald hasn’t given a straight answer on that.  If you’re dragging your feet for the election campaign, how will you do if you happen to get into office?  The first debate for the Republican primary is 50 hours from right now, and you only have one person confirmed for taking the stage: Tim Pawlenty.  Good luck, sir.  I have no idea who you are, but my vote can still be swayed either way.
Or maybe it’s all part of some larger game plan on the part of the Republicans?  Maybe they asked Trump to be their front man because they knew he’d be so terrible a choice that anyone they put forward after him would look like a voice of reason, a beacon of hope.  Have we entered a time when we look to tactics such as this; having a sleeper candidate waiting in the wings to be activated?  Maybe they took a lesson from the way Ralph did things.
If this is your tactic, I only ask one thing.  Please don’t let it be Michelle Backmann.

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  1. You know my ex-husband’s name is Ralph, right? (True story)
    The idea that Republicans (or Democrats) have a sleeper candidate waiting in the wings in the build-up to any presidential election is not so far-fetched. Politicians are far, far crazier than we give them credit for.

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