The Desire to Write

I want to write again.  For the first time in years, I actually WANT to sit down and write something.
But I have nothing to say.  Maybe that will come back, too.
I could write about my opinions on how the government is fucking this country over, and the majority of voters are insane loudmouths who bitch until they get their way… but I think I’ve covered that before.
I could write about the ladies, and how much work it takes to understand them and convince them to sleep with you, but again, I think I’ve covered that.  Besides, I really haven’t renewed my interest in chasing the ladies.
I could write about the latest computer game that has grabbed my attention, EVE Online, but that would just drive all of you away.
So for now, I’ll just sit back and wait for something write-worthy to drop into my lap.

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