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I’ll probably spoil some stuff here, so I’m going to use the phrase *SPOILER ALERT* now.  Speaking of which, I find it amusing that some entertainment journalism tv show said that the phrase “spoiler alert” was invented for Lost, especially since we gamers were using it back in the days of dial-up access to bulletin board systems…
I remember reviewing the first season of Lost and being excited about watching the show, about finding out more about these people, about seeing the master plot unfold.  Now, I’m left sort of disappointed.  It’s as if the main story wasn’t written out in advance at all, which is what I was led to believe.  Instead, the story just got more and more ridiculous as the writers kept trying to throw hooks out there to keep people coming back.  Then they started splitting the story up, jumping back and forth to keep people distracted from the fact that they weren’t getting any answers.
But my biggest complaint about the show is about the biggest hope I had for it: character development.  The first two seasons were great about giving us insight into the characters.  Even then, the writing was jumping back and forth, but at least the flashbacks were serving as a tool to explain why a character was acting the way they were.  After the second season, though, the characters just flattened out.  Here’s my breakdown on the characters:
Jack – He has to fix everything.  He can’t cry at all.  Instead, he just make huffing sounds while his face gets this confused expression on it.  Also, he was the Man of Science, refuting all the hocus-pocus shenanigans right up until the final season, when he decides to turn into a Man of Faith… which doesn’t really get explained very well.
Kate – I hate her.  If she’s not trying to sleep with whichever man she can’t have, she’s off ruining their plans because they told her to do something (or not to do something) and she can’t stand being told how to act.  The episodes about the love triangles involving Kate are the worst ones.
Sawyer – I like him.  The whole ‘con man’ thing got pushed too far, with his supernatural ability to lie to anyone (including the smoke monster), but I still like him.
Locke – I liked Locke from the beginning because  he was the only one who was a believer in the island from day one.  (Okay, maybe Rose was a believer too, but she’s really more of a background character.)
Claire – I don’t care how hot people think she is, someone needs to invent a drinking game where you take a shot every time she says, “my baby!”  You’ll be drunk in no time!
Sun – I liked her development early on, but once she and Jin got separated in the boat explosion she was just a mindless zombie walking around shouting, “my husband!” a lot.  Another drinking game begging to be played.
Ben Linus – He plays a creepy guy very well, and no matter how much you’re rooting for him at the end of the series, he’s still a cold-blooded monster.
Charlie – He’ll always be a hobbit to me.  It’s like watching Ross from Friends try to play any other character.  He’s still Ross.  (I’m sorry, David.  I’m sure it’s not your fault.  Friends was too big, and you all got stuck with your type-casts.)
Hurley – Everyone loves Hurley.  You can’t help it.  Fat men are awesome…

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