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I’m following this story about James Lee holding hostages at the Discovery channel.  I also went and read his manifesto.  I have to say, he brings up some valid points for a domestic terrorist.  TLC does indeed promote/glamorize  excessive childbirth with their “reality” shows about couples having litters upon litters of children.  They assure us that these kids are being fed and given the love and attention they deserve, and I’m not going to argue with that because I don’t have any facts to present.
While I don’t agree that we should start mass sterilizations of our population, I can’t help but feel like that would really be the only way to control some people.  The point, however, is that couples should not have more than two children.  We should just have enough to replace ourselves, and maintain the current population.  (In reality, we would be lowering the population slowly, due to accidental deaths.)  Using words like “parasites” and “plague” might be a strong way of putting it, but Lee is correct in those thoughts.  Far more of us destroy this planet than help it.
In closing, though, I’m going to say that strapping a bomb to yourself (even if it turns out that it’s a fake bomb) and demanding that a network change its programming lineup is the absolute wrong way to go about this.  You’re coming across as a crazy person, and won’t be taken seriously.  More importantly, you’re endangering lives.  While humanity may be destroying this planet, humanity is also a part of nature and has just as much a right to exist as the forests.  I hope no one gets hurt in this.

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