Dear Santa

It’s that time of year again, where my mother demands a list of my wants and needs and I’m struggling to think of things.  Despite having a running Amazon WishList (which has been conveniently listed on the sidebar to the right since before LAST Christmas), I’ve been told by my mother, and by Strutter, that they aren’t looking at that.  The biggest challenge for me in making a list is that if something isn’t too expensive and I want it, I’m going to get it myself.  If it IS too expensive, I don’t feel comfortable putting it on a gift list and I’m not bold enough to dig further in debt to get it myself.  My Amazon Wishlist has always been things that I sort of want, but can live without.  (Except God of War 3 for the playstation 3.  I’m going to pre-order that one.)  I’ve recently bought an Xbox 360 primarily for Strutter’s Netflix streaming in the bedroom and secondarily for me to lie in bed and play Borderlands when I can’t sleep.  Although I usually carry it into the game room for that, since it’s loud.  So I could start amassing accessories for that now…
Anyway, I suppose I’m going to make a list up right now, before my mother goes to visit my aunt and calls me from Wal-Mart anyway, ignoring this SECOND list completely.
Dear Mr. Claus,
I would like the following items delivered to me on December 25th, in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior.  One or two of these lower-priced items may be forwarded on to my loved ones so that they may present these gifts to me upon the Winter Solstice in celebration of MY birthday.  They are presented in order of my desire to possess them, from highest to lowest.
1) A Mountain Bike – I desire more exercise, and I enjoy riding a bike.  This seems to be the most reasonable combination of those two things.  I realize that selecting a bicycle for me might be difficult, so I will accept a gift certificate to that bike shop on Broad River (I think it’s called Harold’s or something like that) or a joint trip to said bike store to peruse their goods.
2) A High Definition LCD Flat Panel Television – This is for the bedroom, so the screen size needs to be between 25 and 35 inches so as to fit on the stand.  I also require the resolution to be no less than 1080p.  Just because it’s in the bedroom is no reason to skimp on quality.  The make and model do not matter to me, as long as it doesn’t break easily.
3) A Kindle, from – While I LOVE the idea of this as a gift, along with the leather carrying case, I realize that it negates the necessity for paper-bound books, which make have already been built and stashed away in a storage bin for me.  Please talk to me, either in person or via my mother, about this wonderful device and how we might can incorporate it into next year’s list without interfering with pre-built paper-bound books.
4) A Comforter and Bedsheet Set – These are for the master bed, so they would be needed in the king-sized variety.  I do not require anything fancy or expensive, as the dogs will accidentally tear them eventually.  I only ask that they be in Black, Gray, or Navy Blue, or any other color scheme which will match the wall paint.  My mother probably remembers the colors of the walls, so you can ask her.
That concludes the “big-ticket” items which might require a little extra work from the elves.  The remainder of the list are the more reasonably-priced items, which could be forwarded to relatives and family, as well as my girlfriend, as possible gift ideas that they could acquire.
Playstation 3 Games:

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Demon’s Souls

Music CDs:

  • The Green Album, by Weezer
  • Yes, Virgina, by The Dresden Dolls
  • Acoustic, by Everything But the Girl


  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Widescreen)

Also, Mr. Claus, could you let my mother know that my girlfriend was most nervous about suggesting any type of gift for herself, so I have found one myself that she will enjoy.  It is a game for the Nintendo Wii called New Super Mario Bros.  As the title suggests, this is the “new” version of the game, and any salesman would be able to point my mother in the right direction to find it.
Thank you for your attention to this letter, sir, and I look forward to your responses in the latter part of December.  Please give my regards to the missus and elves, and gives the reindeer an extra pat on the head from me.



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