I don’t like getting political.  No matter what your stance or how carefully you choose your words, someone is going to get fired up about what you say.  Someone is about to call me an irresponsible citizen for saying this, but I’ve only voted in two presidential elections out of the four which have occurred since I turned eighteen.  The first time I did so was because I was voting against someone who I really didn’t want to see in office for another four years.  The second time was because I actually believed that we needed change, and I believed that the man I voted for also believed it.
Maybe it’s because I’m getting older that I’m actually paying attention to political stories now.  Last night was the first time I didn’t cuss at the television when my regularly scheduled show was being pushed beneath a presidential speech.  (Even though I really wanted to watch WipeOut and Crash Course)  Last night was also the first time I didn’t change the channel.  Instead I watched the speech.  I watched my congressman, who lives less than five miles from my house, call our president a liar.
I don’t give a damn that he apologized for it afterward.  An apology isn’t enough.
Not only did you disrespect our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Wilson, but you called him out as a liar for a statement which has been proven as truth.  You do not represent my interests, and your services as my congressmen are no longer desired.  Please make way for someone who will help our government move forward instead of stalling it.

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  1. I’m with ya there. I’m glad that Congress reprimanded him about it.
    While we’re on apologies, Serena Williams should also have issued a better apology for cursing at that line judge and threatening her with violence. And that crazy guy should have apologized for interrupting that other actress’es Emmy speech. Geez, what is this world coming to? Adults behaving like children. And getting away with it because they’re rich and famous. I get more and more disgusted watching the news.

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