Search Engine Humor

Once in awhile, I look over my Internet stats to find out where the the five visitors a day come from, and what might have brought them here. Since I hadn’t done it in awhile, I thought I’d check it out for the past few months… boy was I surprised.
Here are some of the more interesting things, in bold, searched for that brought people to my domain:
nair holy shit my balls hurt
I tried to warn you, brother. That stuff is ACID!
did elaine ever have a horse
That joke is still as funny now as the first time I heard it
what part of body was covered with lard and cooked during spanish inquisition
I don’t know. But I bet it was tasty! Mmmm… lard….
trutv penis weight lifting
I don’t like to brag…
feltching my ex
Now I’m tempted to do a word search on this blog and remove any occurrence of the word “feltching”
i fell back and hit my head on my headrest, it hurts really bad but there is no blood coming out. what should i do?
Go to the doctor.

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