… “A NEW CAR!”

First and foremost, I’m not dead. The dumbness and the dizziness spells are getting fewer and farther between, so I expect to be back at 100% soon.
Last night I had a dream that I went on The Price is Right with the goal of winning a new car. I don’t know why I’d do this, as they always give away cars that I’d never want. But anyway, in the dream, every freaking game had a brand new pick-up truck as the prize… except the game I played. I got the yodeling-dude-going-up-the-hill game, and my prize was a new washer/dryer. I was so pissed off that I punched Bob Barker in the nose. And now you know the REAL reason he’s not hosting the show anymore.
Why was I dreaming about winning a new car? I got a phone call from my insurance claim adjuster yesterday. My truck is a total loss. I get to go out to the scrapyard today (in the rain yet again, cruel fate) to gather the rest of my personal belongings, strip off the tag, and look for any loose change that might’ve fallen under the seat to put aside for a new truck. I was also informed that my CT Scan and MRI were not covered by my policy, as they were medical expenses incurred AFTER the incident. Had I gone to the hospital straight from the scene of the wreck, I’d be covered. But the fact that I waited 36 hours to see a doctor means I get to pay that $700 out of pocket. (At least Papa Stuckey is letting me use his credit card for them, but HE shouldn’t have to pay for it either!)
When I bought this truck, I was SO excited about. Not only was it the first truck that I was going to buy “all by myself,” I was glad to be rid of the old one. The one that was constantly breaking down. The one that would occasionally choose NOT to start when I wanted it to. (A problem which no mechanic was ever able to fix.) It was a relief as well as an adventure.
This time, though, I’m not excited about it. Not only do I get to enjoy the responsibility of a car payment again (my old one was paid for), but I actually LIKED my old truck. To replace it feels like a betrayal. It’s like getting a new cat when your old cat dies, and naming it something to reflect the fact that you’re getting it just to fill that emotional void…
So I’m looking at buying a truck exactly like it. Well… not EXACTLY. This time around it’ll have Sirius XM Radio, an MP3-capable stereo, and an audio-in jack for my iPod. And maybe a sunroof. Ooooh… and maybe I can get it in blue!
Okay… I guess I’m excited about it on some level. The Replacement Truck will be fun. The thing that I’m dreading, really, is the car payment. I’m going by the bank today to see about refinancing my house in order o lower my monthly payments, and maybe consolidate some other debts, in order to “make room” for a $300 truck payment in my budget. And I can always sell some stocks and dip into the Ring Fund. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s certainly inconvenient.
Sometimes it really sucks being an adult.

3 thoughts on “… “A NEW CAR!””

  1. You’re never missing an old car when you get a new car. I went through this last week and I believed I would cry leaving my beloved old truck – instead I’m just totally thrilled about the new one. But broke, I’ll leave you that.

  2. I remember how excited you were the day you got that truck! *sigh* I liked that truck, too. May you & your new truck (whatever it may be) have many happy memories!
    Glad to hear you’re ok, though.

  3. I’m glad you’re not dead.
    It’s like getting a new cat when your old cat dies, and naming it something to reflect the fact that you’re getting it just to fill that emotional void…
    Really? You’re gonna go there?
    The Replacement Truck will be fun.
    Dude. Stop it. TRC (The Replacement Cat) is going to come over and poop on your new seats.

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