Valentine’s Day, 2009

So for Christmas, I wanted to get Strutter a Ninetendo Wii. I really like playing games with her, and wanted to get something that would have more games of the type that she would enjoy. So I placed an order for a Wii at the beginning of December, expecting that it would take a few weeks to become available and ship. Back order after back order, I realized that it simply wasn’t going to make it in time, so Teddy (meaning me, on behalf of Teddy) ended up scribbling out a note in crayon telling her that I would take her out shopping one day to buy something she picked out. (I’d also bought her an external hard drive, which is what she had asked for and was practical, if lacking in sentimentality.) So I canceled my Wii order on December 23rd and forgot about it.
At the beginning of January, I received an email from one of the customer service folks that I’d been in contact with about the back orders, and was informed that they had one Wii in stock and they wanted to know if I still wanted it. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I figured I’d go ahead and get the present early. I said yes, and three days later, it was on my doorstep.
Now I’m terrible about keeping presents until the day they’re supposed to be given, so I wanted to give it to her right away. But I fought the urge, and hid it away in the garage. Then I thought that I really should test it, just to make sure it worked. (It would suck if she opened it up and couldn’t play it.) So one morning after she left for work, I opened it up, and spent two hours trying to connect everything so that it worked. I got most of it working, but needed to go to work myself, so I just pushed everything back behind the television and stacked DVDs up around it.
The next morning, I got up again and spent an hour trying to get the Internet working on it, and setting up two Mii personas for us. And then it was ready. Bu I had to go to work, so I pushed it behind everything again and left it.
The next morning, I figured if she hadn’t found it by now, it was hidden well enough to leave there, so that’s what I did. For a month, the Wii hid behind the television, with games and controllers stashed away in cabinets and high-up places I knew she couldn’t reach. As Valentine’s Day approached, I wrapped a note saying “Look behind the DVD stack” in a big box, and ordered flowers.
Friday night, since we were having Penguin and the Mumbler over and they have a Wii of their own, I decided to go ahead and give Strutter her present. She opened the box and read the note, and then hurried over to the television and looked behind the DVDs, and looked at the little white box for about 20 seconds, not knowing what the hell it was. When she finally realized what the significance of the word “Nintendo” meant, this happened:

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  1. See, this is why I absolutely love you. In a brotherly, platonic way, of course. You’re really incredible.
    And when you decide to get married, you better give me a serious heads-up so that I can save my pennies and fly out for the wedding 🙂

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