Michael Moore, Where Are You?

It’s time to make a new documentary.  The topic for this one can be the one-sided reporting on this entire Russia-Georgia conflict.
The United States media is making Russia out to be the aggressor in this little conflict, and not mentioning South Ossetia at all.  In fact, on a FOX News report, when interviewing some Americans who were over there when all of this started, they broke away from the interview TWICE when the people tried to explain what caused all of this.
America, I strongly encourage everyone to read their news from more than one angle.  Check out The Guardian, for starters.
One other point to consider is this:  When the South tried to break away from the United States, the United States went to war.  Has the U. S. changed it’s policy on that?  Because I know this state is full of rednecks who’d like to try again.  😉

5 thoughts on “Michael Moore, Where Are You?”

  1. We kicked your ass once, we can do it again 😉
    I have to admit, I’m confused about the Georgia-Russia thing. I also have to admit that I don’t care enough to look it up for myself.

  2. Basically, Georgia attacked Russian-occupied South Ossetia on August 7th. On August 8th, Russia decided to send tanks into Georgia to remind them who is peace-keeping in all these little former Russian countries. Georgia starts crying for their mommy, and America decides to stick their nose in it.
    My opinion is that the Bush Administration thinks this is a great opportunity to demonize Russia and set up a brand new enemy for the upcoming election. It worked to get Bush in office, and they think it will work to get McCain in right behind him. (And according to the trend in polls, he doesn’t need much to catch up and pass Obama.)
    America needs to stop worrying about what’s going on everywhere else, stop sending our troops to die in fights that aren’t ours, and start focusing on the problems we face every day on our own soil.
    And now I’m done being political and stuff.

  3. We do seem to be the cops of the world. It gets boring after a while, especially when it rarely (if ever) works.
    But we’d still kick your ass in a civil war 🙂

  4. Apparently Osama bin-Forgotten is not terrifying enough to get the panic color up to pink and America needs a new enemy- somebody poke the Russian Bear and calm down jimbo who thinks russians rolled into the peach state.
    Thank you for your post so far only conspiracy theorists and patriot radio has mentioned that the georgian prez who was literally chewing his tie! starte this mess.
    who knew there was anybody who could make even bush look lucid :O

  5. The whole thing is stupid. Both sides (Georgia and Russia) are led by power-hungry idiots and there is no way to tell who actually initiated the conflict, since everybody is pointing fingers at everyone else. The only reason we’re involved is because Georgia is a big supporter of our actions in Iraq and we’re doing some reciprocal back-scratching with the added bonus of putting Russia back on the hit-list like they were in the Cold War.
    Actually, the U.S. supporting Georgia would be right in line with things as they were in our Civil War. Georgia could be considered the Union and South Ossetia the Confederate forces. Why would Russia get involved in what is essentially a conflict between a government and separatist forces in its own country?
    Over the years, Michael Moore has gone off the deep end and is now close to batshit crazy. He produced a lot of thought-provoking stuff a long time ago (TV Nation era), but lately it’s mostly just poorly-researched shock propoganda.

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