Meet My Parents…

I’m usually very quick to introduce a new girlfriend to my parents. I love my folks, and think they’re very cool people to hang out with and spend an evening drinking and eating chicken wings with. Early on, I hinted that I wanted to take Strutter out there one night and get this step over with, but she was a little nervous about it. Of course she was nervous, because my mother was having other folks over, and it was going to be a big production. So we didn’t do it, and I think that only increased the anxiety over it.
She’s also a little nervous over the fact that she cusses like a sailor. I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with her where she didn’t drop the F-bomb. So yeah, she’s not exactly a lady. But if she was, I wouldn’t be interested in her.
So here we are, five months into the relationship and I’ve met most of her family, all of whom I adore, and she’s only met a few of my friends. (And I’m so glad that she gets along with my friends. I was incredibly nervous that she would be afraid of the geek herd.) Last night I was making plans to run out to the parents’ house and pick up some things, and told them I’d come by on Saturday. Earlier this week, I’d told Strutter that I’d take her out there with me this weekend for a quick “Hi, how are you?” and equally quick retreat. Strutter has to work on Saturday… I basically uninvited Strutter to go with me, and I feel like an ass.
I wasn’t thinking at all, and I’m pretty sure I hurt Strutter’s feelings because of it. Now there’s even more anxiety built up, and if I change plans to go out there on Sunday, and take her with me then, it will look like I’m just trying to appease her. (And I am, because I don’t like upsetting her, but I also DO want her to meet my folks.)
Oddly enough, I’m not the least bit nervous about the meeting, whenever it happens. I know that my parents will love her, and that she’ll love them right back. So I guess I need to just make plans and write them down on the calendar…

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