Baby, It’s Cold Inside…

I’ve mentioned before, in the early chapters of Nice Ass, just how opposite I am to a morning person.  If I were in the wild, and had no job or responsibilities, I would sleep until sometime in the early afternoon and then wake up to eat and nap until it was time was to go to sleep proper. Thankfully, Strutter is the same way.  This is a good thing, because all it would take is one too-chipper, “Good morning, Mookie!” in a singsong voice for me to club her to death with the alarm clock.  (Thus stopping the alarm clock from beeping at the same time.  Even in a sleepy fog, I can be efficient.)
So, because of my infatuation with sleep, I’ve grown accustomed to certain anti-sleep measures, such as a cold shower first thing in the morning and keeping the house cooler so I have to hurry around and get dressed.  I never considered, however, that holding a skinny girl hostage in my house would mean a change to the environment.
Apparently, being a 95 pound girl means that cold affects you far more than it does, say, a 297 pound guy.  She’s always wrapping up in blankets and shivering and burrowing into me like some adorable parasite.  While incredibly cute, all of that goes out the window in the morning, when she’s just woken up and it’s cold.  She’s this tiny little bomb that unleashes a full-force grumpsplosion.  And while that sounds cute, and might even be cute when viewed after the fact, it’s quite upsetting when experienced first-hand.
And so, tonight after work, I am going to adjust the programming in my thermostat to make my house warmer.  I will also check the temperature in the bedroom and compare it to the thermostat to make sure that the heat is distributing correctly.
Relationships are a series of compromises, and the temperature in my house is something I’m perfectly willing to give ground on.  What do I get in return for this compromise?  Well, she’s going to let me play Warhammer this weekend with all of my gamer friends… and she also stuck a Kotex pad on my bathroom mirror with the words “I LOVE YOU” written across it.

2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Inside…”

  1. That’s an important lesson: girls are always cold. Also, it’s a good idea to keep them in a warm atmosphere, because…
    I remember vividly how I spent 3 weeks camping in really cold and shitty weather – it was freezing all the time -, and I think EBF remembers it even better because I totally lost my libido. So beware 😉

  2. Oh, relationship and compromises… such fun! I think he’s gone down the toilet now, but the once insightful Dr. Phil said to give an importance level to whatever the issue is, and if yours is lower (say 3) than your significant other’s (say 8), then give in on that one issue. Sounds like you got it! Good job! 🙂
    len: I’m usually always hot. And no, I’m not of (pre)menopausal age! 😛

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