Tuesday Ten – Strutter

I’ve said it a few times here before, and that is “Write what you know.” My life has changed dramatically over the past several months. I’ve turned into some giddy relationship-loving Stuck instead of your familiar grumpy and cynical Stuck. And because of this, I couldn’t even force myself to write something grumpy and cynical. (Well, at least not about relationships.) Anyway…
As it turns out, I’m one of those guys who disappears when they get a girlfriend. Where I used to see my friends on a weekly basis, I’m spreading those visits further and further out, to the point that I’m getting text messages from some of them just to make sure I’m still alive. Truth be told, I don’t feel bad about it. I’m having too much fun being with Strutter. I’ll just hope that my friends understand. And so today’s writing topic is something I know… Strutter.
Ten Things I Love About Strutter
1) I love the way she laughs, which happens quite a lot. Whether it’s a small giggle or a full-body laugh, it’s infectious. I plan on keeping her laughing forever. It makes me happy.
2) I love that she (mostly) speaks her mind. She isn’t afraid to say what she’s thinking, and isn’t afraid of people judging her because of something she says. Or maybe she is afraid, and just can’t edit things she says in time. Either way, it’s very rare that I have to guess what’s on her mind, and this is a great thing, because I’m a very poor mind-reader.
3) I love the way that her body fits against mine. I’m not being dirty here, so stop grinning. I’m talking about how when I hold her, her body seems to mold itself to me just perfectly. It’s sort of like she was made to fit there…
4) I love the way she smells. It’s not her shampoo, or her soap, or her laundry detergent. It’s her. Yeah, it might be a little bit creepy, but when she’s asleep next to me, I will always roll over to spoon with her and enjoy smelling her.
5) I love the fact that she acts like a little girl when she first wakes up, when she’s still not entirely conscious. She’ll talk in this cute little voice as she’s fighting to stay under the covers, and it’s hard to argue with someone that cute. Of course, this means we usually just stay in bed and sleep through whatever plans we made.
6) I love the fact that she’s into music, and love even more that her taste in music doesn’t suck. I love music, and I think the relationship wouldn’t work if she didn’t.
7) I love that she feels like she has to be perfect for me. From not wanting to kiss me if her breath isn’t fresh to apologizing for wearing an outfit I’ve seen before. (While it may sometimes annoy me when I’m trying to get a kiss, I still find it cute.) One day she’ll realize that she’s perfect for me no matter what’s she’s wearing or how her breath smells, and I’ll love that too. (I told a friend last month, “She may not be perfect, but she’s perfect for me.”)
8) I love that she’s scared of storms. I like to have my girlfriend want me to protect her, even if it’s from something that I couldn’t really protect her from. (I mean, I’m a big guy, but if a tornado tears through the house, I don’t think I’ll be much help. It won’t stop me from trying, though.)
9) I love that she is unafraid to play. From her “adoption” of Teddy to to playing Lego Star Wars with me on the Playstation to the desire to build couch-cushion forts, she embraces her inner child. This is absolutely awesome.
10) I love that she gets nervous about meeting my friends and family. It shows that she cares what they think about her, which means she’s interested in the long-term. This suits me, because I’m very keen on hanging on to this girl as long as she’ll have me.
11)  I also love the fact that I’ve never seen her wear matching socks.  It’s so damned cute.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten – Strutter”

  1. i want to leave a comment, but….wait…hold on….*runs to bathroom*
    ugh. ok, i think i feel better now.
    glad it’s going so *dry heaves* well.
    and also good to know you are alive. i haven’t seen you since….January.

  2. Awwww, I am so happy for you! And I thought that strutter was awesome when we met her at your birthday party!!! Take care!

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