All’s Quiet…

I know I have been fairly slack in posting.  Things have been going well, and rather than write yet another post talking about how great Strutter is, and how happy I am to be with her, I’ll just let the blog sit quietly.  I’ll make sure that whatever brings me to write down the road is something worth reading.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for being patient.

3 thoughts on “All’s Quiet…”

  1. Aww, Mookster! Don’t edit yourself for us! If you’re happy and want to write about it by all means do so! Though I understand you have an image to uphold and Strutter mush (no matter how awesome) doesn’t help. 😉

  2. aw! too cute!!
    feel free to gush away, Stuck! i’ll read it! i’m in the same boat you are! i can gush here in the comments about CN if you want some inspiration!

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