I don’t express my political views very often because I really don’t have any.  My parents wer/are Republicans, so growing up I always assumed that I was one too.  I like my stuff, and I want to keep the stuff that I’ve worked for, and fuck everyone else!  Yeah…  I guess that sounds pretty Republican to me.  But I don’t agree with the actions of the past few Republican presidents.  I actually think that Bill Clinton was the best president of my lifetime, even if he did toy with a woman who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  (And if she kept her mouth shut, he probably wouldn’t have been interested.  BING!)
I normally avoid voting for president, because I’ve never felt “informed enough” to trust myself voting for one person over the other.  I’ve also harbored the belief that all presidential hopefuls become the same damn person once they’re elected.  Anyways, I’ve been paying attention to this election.  I don’t want another GWB in office, and feel like it’s my responsibility to do my part to prevent that.
According to this poll I am in the upper-right quadrant.  Closest to Ron Paul in my political stance, and furthest from Huckabee.  Considering that Huckabee said something about taking the nation back for Jesus, I agree with my distance from him.  I love God and all…  but I don’t want a Jesus-crispy in office.  That’s the first step in mounting a holy war.
I found the poll to be rather interesting.  If I was going to vote Republican this year, I would picked McCain.  I think that a president should have seen combat, and know how terrible it really is, because it will make them consider exactly what they’re doing when they send troops overseas to secure oil freedom.  I’m hesitant about McCain, though, because I can’t imagine coming out of a prison camp and not being fucked up in the head.
If I was going to vote Democrat, I think I’d pick Obama.  Hillary scares me.  I’m worried about Obama’s lack of experience, though.  If he gets into office, will anyone take him seriously, or will he just be “the new kid” who spends four years as a lame duck?
I haven’t decided who is getting my vote yet, but I’m surprised to see that I’m split between parties in my decision.

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  1. McCain’s story as a POW is incredible – and some of the stuff that he did while there is what helped him not get fucked up in the head.
    I don’t like any of them. Bleh.

  2. Um … I’m closest to Mitt Romney and farthest from Obama. That’s interesting.
    I like Obama but I don’t like that he started running for president without even serving a full term as senator. I could never bring myself to vote for Hillary. I just couldn’t.
    I may end up sitting this one out – and I am a strong proponent of “Don’t bitch if you don’t vote”

  3. My number one is issue is not the environment, or gun control, or any of that crap. It’s “Me”. I didn’t see that one listed on the glassbooth rating site, so I thought it sucked. I need a candidate who is looking out for me.
    You’re a bizarre mix of liberal and conservative, Stuck. I think a lot of people are like that, and it sucks because with only a two-party system, there are a lot of polarizing issues that make it difficult to pick specific candidates. For instance, you can’t have a Republican who is pro-choice or pro gay-marriage. They wouldn’t get the support necessary for the GOP nomination, which is why you have flip-floppers like Giuliani. It really isn’t their fault–they couldn’t possibly get elected if they ran on pure principles. The best thing for everyone would be a somewhat moderate president who has his powers balanced by the other gov’t branches, not one who is far-left or far-right. Change is rarely good.
    The whole U.S. political system is based on deep pockets and back-patting. It’s irritating and it’s at the point where you can no longer even consider running for President if you’re not already filthy rich and owing favors to lobbyists and sleazeballs. That’s why people are apolitical and don’t vote. It’s like the South Park episode–if your only choice is between a douche and a turd, you’re losing either way.

  4. Interesting site. I ended up in the upper left quadrant… though I was a little closer to the intersect than I thought I’d be. I’m the closest to Obama (78%)… which is in line with my own research.
    Though I’m not ruling anyone out quite yet. Well, except Hillary. No. Way. In. Hell.
    And while we’re on the topic… I’m so sick of this whole Hillary/Obama experience argument. Last time I checked, being first lady does NOT count as actual political experience. Her first real political office wasn’t until the senate in 2000. Obama was elected to the IL state senate in 1996. Then again, there have been plenty of “experienced” presidents that haven’t been worth a shit.

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