14 Smoke-Free Days

It’s been two weeks since my last cigarette. The cravings today and yesterday have been the worst ones since the first day, but I keep reminding myself that I’ve gone a week without coughing up a lung in the morning, and that keeps me from buying a pack, if not quell the craving.
I also weighed in this morning at 309 pounds. I’m surprised I lost any weight this week, as I’ve been binge-eating completely unhealthy foods along with my normally healthy lunches. For example, yesterday I ordered my grilled chicken breast with a salad… and a basket of fried pickles. I’m thinking that the binge-eating is a subconscious reaction to the smoke cravings, so I’ll endure them for now.
What I really want is an order of Outback cheese fries with a side of Camel Lights.

6 thoughts on “14 Smoke-Free Days”

  1. fried pickles… ??? Man, the south is SO strange 🙂
    nice job on the no smoking. chew on some celery with peanut butter or something. Personally, I drank a glass of water every time a wanted a cigarette.

  2. Stuck, i am so proud of you! Soon, you won’t even want a cigarette at all. I am trying to diet, but i have good days and bad days. I am really impressed at your willpower. don’t beat yourself up too much for the bad food. you gotta live a little now and then. just cut back the next day. keep up the great work. we are all cheering for you!!
    ~ One Girl — dude, don’t knock ’em til you try em! they are very good!

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