One Week Vacation from Vice

Today is my seventh day without a cigarette.  I have gotten past the pent-up rage and general grumpiness.  I can look at a pack of cigarettes on the bar or table and not feel the urge to smoke one.  My morning ritual of coughing until I feel like I’m about to die has continued, but the coughing feels more productive now, instead of just a dry hack.
So why do I call it a “vacation” fro vice?  The word “vacation” implies a return to normal state.   Two reasons:
1) I’m starting to snack more, and not healthy snacking.  I’d rather die from lung cancer than obesity.
2) Strutter hasn’t quit.  Kissing a smoker makes me want to light up more than anything else.
For now, I’m staying on vacation…  but I don’t know how long I can go before crawling back.

5 thoughts on “One Week Vacation from Vice”

  1. Obesity will kill you with a heart attack. It will hurt like hell, but only for a moment.
    Lung cancer is a long, painful, horrible death and the people who love you have to watch you die, very slowly, for a couple of years. And at the end, they’ll look at you and wish you would just have a heart attack and be done with it already because they’re sick of feeling so powerless and tired of begging you to EAT something, which is kind of ironic considering this is the price you paid to be skinny.
    I mean … that’s just a guess. 😐

  2. it will be hard to quit if strutter is still smoking. however, if you can manage to quit long enough, soon the taste of cigarettes on her mouth will totally gross you out, and then you will begin to nag her to quit. so it’s really just easier for both of you to quit at the same time.
    and i don’t know if dying from obesity or lung cancer is worse. they are both preventable, so really, they are equally bad. i do kind of like cap’s reasoning, though…

  3. Cigarettes are icky. Nom nom nom puke! I’ve been a non smoker for almost 24 hours now and I’ve yet to call my crack or heroin dealer. I’d say it’s been a pretty good day. Tomorrow, I fear, will mostly be filled with a non smoker’s lament and anger and hot dogs. Mostly.

  4. It always sucks if only one person quits, because they will give the other person endless grief about it. When I used to smoke, I ended up breaking up with a girl over this. I told her it was her idea to quit smoking, not mine, and I wasn’t changing my life habits because of her. As you can tell, I was very supportive.

  5. Strutter, I wish you luck in your efforts to remain a non smoker! You too, Stuck! Better functioning lungs make all kinds of things better! 😉

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