One More Change to Make…

I’ve mentioned several times how I have a hard time letting people in. This has caused difficulties for me in the past, and now, I am realizing, it will continue to cause difficulties unless I change it. Maybe not with everyone, of course, but with the people who have slipped past my exterior walls.
I’ve always been a quiet person.  A person who doesn’t speak unless it’s improving upon the silence.  A person who thinks no one really wants to hear about how my day went.  Call me cynical, but I’ve always believed that people would rather talk about themselves and their days rather than hear about mine.  I’ve always been content to let them.
But now I have someone who does want to hear about my day.  It will take some effort at first, but I’m going to give her what she wants.

4 thoughts on “One More Change to Make…”

  1. That’s awesome, Stuck. There are two kinds of people–listeners and talkers. I’ve tried to make myself more into a combination of the two, but there’s nothing worse than dating a pure talker. It’s alllll about them.
    Of course, no one remembers the quiet ones. Until they show up on the news. 🙂
    In my opinion, don’t worry about whether or not people really care about what you have to say, and say it anyway. Treat them to the full-on Stuckey Experience whether they like it or not.

  2. I’ve always been this way too, but I’ve found that breaking the silence, even to say something completely random/trivial, is actually a very practical thing… and improves your well-being in society a lot, because through the people you talk to (even if you don’t specially get along) you often meet nice people you’d never meet if you stayed silent.

  3. I don’t envy you that task. It can be tough to change old habits but it will be well worth it. You said it yourself – she does want to know about your day and your world and what’s swirling around in your brain. It takes a lot to trust enough to let someone in. You’ll be happy that you did 🙂

  4. How can you think people don’t want to hear about your day? Why do you think we read your blog? Duh!
    I’m glad that Strutter is showing you new things and helping you to open up. That is awesome. It can be difficult, sometimes, to realize that someone in the world gives a shit about you. I think that on some level, we all need to learn this. But it feels great. Sort of like what i imagine jumping out of an airplane must be like — scary and exhilarating and addictive at the same time. Letting someone love you can be terrifying. I hear ya, Stuck.

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