Mending Souls

Every soul is torn in twain
And seeks to become whole again
Divided thus, across two hearts
It cannot stand to be apart
And so it strives to close the gap
between these hearts across the map
searching so to mend the split
and find the mate for which it’s fit
In my heart I hold a piece
Of something grand that wants release
I’ve found the one who holds the rest
And keeps it safe within her chest
Together we can mend this soul
To make it full. To make it whole.
Once complete, it will be sound
And then our love will know no bound

6 thoughts on “Mending Souls”

  1. ok. your blog is evolving into something I will read with a sneer… until one day when I will not read it any longer. Where is misery to keep me company?!

  2. I am guessing that MJ (and her attitude) will eventually turn into an aged crone who lives alone (probably with 2 dozen cats) … you know, they type of spinster the neighbors down the road tell their children to avoid as she probably eats young kids ….
    Stuck, CSI-Girl and I are both extremely happy for you that you’ve found someone who finally “gets you” and that things are going as well as they are.
    …now we just have to figure out to get the Guitar Heroine started into the “creepy” EBM/Industrial/Gothic scene….

  3. MJ – Sneer away. I think I’ve earned this happiness, just as I think you’ll find yours. But don’t ever think I’ve lost my cynicism.
    CSI – Actually, she likes the music. I’ve already burned a disc for her and for Phloxen’s man. (No feedback from him yet.) It might be a bit of a jump to get her to agree to Purgatory, but I’ll work on it.

  4. MJ – the misery is over here. And now, thanks to CSI-Guy, I know why all the children in the neighborhood run hellbent for leather every time they see me. I don’t really know what hellbent for leather means, except that it is very fast.

  5. If I haven’t said it already, I’m happy for you! Happy, sappy Stuck is a wonderful thing. I wish you continued happiness.
    Hope Teddy’s nose is better. Tell him to be more careful with his drinking!

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