Missed Toast to Friends

New Year’s was, by far, the best New Year’s I’ve had in a long time.  I was so busy being happy about it that I forgot about the two bottles of champagne I’d brought over, and forgot to make a toast.  So, without further ado, here is the missed toast:
To old friends, and pasts shared.  To present friends, and the joy of today.  To new friends, and to new futures together.
(I wonder if the champagne will keep until next year…)

5 thoughts on “Missed Toast to Friends”

  1. Send one bottle to Len and one to me. A person who is so happy he forgets to drink is a person doesn’t need any help celebrating. 🙂 Oh, and send me the Crown, too.
    (I’m not bitter. Why?)

  2. Prost!! I’ll drink to that… or I would have that night if you had remembered. Then again, I think I would have raised my glass for squirrel monkeys performing cabaret that night.
    …Wait, that sounds pretty badass… methinks that was a bad random example.
    meh. Anyway, I’m glad you were there with us.

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