8 thoughts on “Just to Annoy Cap…”

  1. Is that a wolf t-shirt I see on Mongo? I’ll assume it’s yours and promptly return the one I bought you for your 1 week anniversary. 😉

  2. She does have an older sister but, as I told Cap, Strutter is the better pick. Maybe I can get you her number if you feel like settling. 😉

  3. Stuck! She’s a knockout! You two look so happy together. You look great, btw. Correct me if i’m wrong, but you’ve lost some weight, I think. Keep it up!
    Tell me she lives in town, because i bet she’s cool as hell. I know you would only date a girl who is cool as hell. Not many chicks can rock out a wolf sweatshirt.
    YAY!!! Cheers for Stuck!!!

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