Writing Like Mad

I was just doing some upkeep, tagging and categorizing all the imported posts, and I realized that I’ve been posting like mad lately.  I think I might have to slow it down a bit, and make you guys hungry for new material.  Otherwise you might get sick of me.   Of course, I’m writing a post to say this.  I’m not sure what message that’s sending.
I’m looking forward to having folks over Friday night, even though I’ve only gotten confirmation from five people so far.  (Six, if I count Cap.)  One of them is Strutter, so I know I’ll have a great time.  Maybe I should’ve given more notice, but I wasn’t sure I’d be in a happy state of mind… and if I wasn’t, then I’d be stuck with entertaining people in my house.  (Hey MJ, you want to come or not?  VB already bailed.  Something about “going to see the Czarina.”)
Next year I’ll have to send out and earlier notice, so Len can get a plane ticket well in advance… and maybe bring THGIPW along.  😉

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