The house is empty now
No laughter, just the soft hum of electronics
But there are reminders
Golden strands of hair, scattered in random places
The scent, Her scent, still on the pillow she used
Each thing reminds of the other Emptiness
Despite that, I can’t help but smile
The Bumble smiles with me, as he waves to passing cars

9 thoughts on “Empty”

  1. This is a test comment. If this were a real comment it would point out that Stuck writes drunken poetry that sounds sober. Unless drunk Stuck smiles more than sober Stuck (in December) in which case the previous test comment would be irrelevant.
    Or something like that.

  2. I’d like a way to navigate back to your home page from your post pages. That’s all I want for Christmas. My birthday is another story, though.

  3. Ask, and ye shall receive. The banner will take you back to the homepage now. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s causing the sidebar to drop to the bottom in IE, and that’s had me editing the header a lot.

  4. It’s creepy because it makes them superior.
    Also, it’s creepy because it’s not obvious they’re drunk.
    And I just worked 12 hours in a row and I’m not very coherent. I think my brain is dead 😉

  5. Coherent drunks are not necessarily superior. They’re just more lucid. Sometimes I think euphoria is a better choice. Get some sleep, Frenchie. 🙂

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