Migrating for the Winter

It can’t really be called migrating, because I won’t be coming back. Don’t get scared. I’m referring to my blog address. I started this this way back in 2005, on MySpace, and I outgrew the functionality there so I moved to here. Blogger is nice, but I still wanted more. I wanted to feel like this was MY notebook, not some giant community notebook that I borrowed and wrote in from time to time. That might not make a lot of sense, but that’s the best way I can describe it…
Anyway, I’ve decided to start migrating all of my archives over to the new site, and bid farewell to Blogger. It’s going to take awhile, because I’ve actually been fairly busy at work, and even busier in my social life (I mentioned that I’m a fucking rock star, right?) Once the transition is finalized, I’ll make a final, farewell post here so that everyone can update the links that they are gracious enough to point my way. (Thanks, MJ!)
In the meantime, though, you have the opportunity to read my archives in bite-sized bits and they trickle over to the new site. Just moving them over has been interesting for me, because it’s always fun to read what I was thinking or doing two years ago. I haven’t tested bloglines to see if it feeds yet (and I sort of assume one of you will do that for me and let me know), but I’ve already moved the first two months of 2005 into “production” and will move another month or two later this week.
If my move causes me to lose readers, I’ll go ahead and apologize to those readers now. But I’m not writing for you. I’m writing for me. And I want my own damned notebook. 🙂

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