Five Days and Counting

Five days into the depression season, and one disappointment later, I’m still upbeat. I was a little sad for about an hour, but then I put on the Santa hat. Also, I weighed in this morning (which I consider cheating since I’ve been reserving Fridays for this) and I’ve lost 25 pounds in the past four and a half weeks. But just to take this depression and kill it completely, I’m going to take my personal psychologist’s advice (Hi Felecia!) and give thanks for three things in my life:
1) I am happy that I’ve found, and maintained, the willpower to lose weight. I look forward to each weekly victory when I step on the scales.
2) I am thankful for the new friends, some folks from work, that I’ve made over the past week, the laughs we’ve shared, and look forward to the endless laughs to come in their company.
3) I am grateful for the knowledge that I have my weaknesses, and for the strength to combat them. This might not make sense to anyone reading it, but it means quite a lot to me.
Life is too short to worry about what you can’t change. Fix what you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And share your laughter with the world.
And as the walls come down
And as I look in your eyes
My fear begins to fade
Recalling all of the times
I have died
And will die
It’s all right
I don’t mind
– From H., by Tool

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