Four Days In…

I didn’t sleep last night. Not one minute of sleep. But not in a bad way. It was awesome.
Of course today is starting to drag and it’s only 9:30. Seven more hours until I can sleep. It’s time to suck it, put on the Santa hat, and more right along.

5 thoughts on “Four Days In…”

  1. “Not one minute of sleep. But not in a bad way. It was awesome”

    Dude, fuck that. I don’t care if I was getting double-teamed by Evangeline Lilly and Hayden Panettiere (she’s legal–I checked IMDB), I would still need to shove ’em off and get a couple hours of sleep. No sleep = Cranky PH.

  2. lenfercestlesautres

    Done that a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t recommend doing it again though. It makes your next work day very, very, very hard.

  3. Yeah, there will be no wakeful moments this evening. I’m crashing out as soon as I get home. Maybe. Depending on circumstances. But almost definitely. I’m pretty sure. Fuck it. I’m a rock star. (A sleepy rock star…)

  4. lenfercestlesautres

    Lol. Even rock stars need sleep. Sometimes. I got 10 hours of sleep both last night and the night before and I still haven’t made up for my two weekend nights.

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