Three Days in December

December, for the past five or six years, has always marked a time of depression for me. It usually sets in over Thanksgiving, and then worsens when the last month starts. This year I had decided that that needed to change, and it was part of the reason that I put the Renaissance project into high gear. I thought that if I was happier with myself going into the season, I’d be able to manage a December without breaking down in tears on random, lonely nights.

Friday night was month-end, which means that I was at work. Everything that could go wrong with my month-end processing went wrong. I worked for hours and hours after midnight, and I remember thinking that this was a fitting beginning to December. Bad Ben.

Saturday, though, after repairing the damage and straightening out everything to be ready for work this week, I went to the Dragon and hung out with my friends, enjoying their company over a board game. Saturday evening, I went to hang out with some new friends, and made even more new friends, and ended up talking with them until the sun came up.

Sunday found me playing Rock Band again, and singing until I was hoarse. (Singing quite well, I might add.)

And today, to keep myself in this awesome mood and not let petty things (like work) get me down, I came into the office wearing a Santa hat:

So who wants to sit on my lap and tell me what they want? Naughty girls only, please.

6 thoughts on “Three Days in December”

  1. oh, good for you, stuck!! i have found that forcing myself to feel happy often ends up making me feel that way. funny how you can pull a jedi mind trick on yourself, huh?

    glad you are not having a bummed out december so far. i don’t get why you could be down in december. not only is it christmas, it’s also your birthday.

    keep it up, Stuck! the hat looks good. i bet you will find lots of naughty girls who will whisper in your ear!

  2. Well, usually Thanksgiving + Christmas + Birthday = giant reminder that I’m not in a relationship

    But it’s all good this year, and relationship status doesn’t even matter to me now.

  3. lenfercestlesautres

    Oh, now I know why you posted that previous entry 😀
    Is there enough space on your lap for OG, MJ and me?

  4. I was pretty surprised that the hat fit. I’m even MORE surprised to discover that it’s the warmest hat I’ve ever put on. It’s no wonder Santa wears one in the North Pole.

    Len, there’s plenty of lap to go around.

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