I’m a Rock Star, and Other, Less Important, News…

Ok… I’m not REALLY a rock star, but for almost five hours last night, I pretended to be with Fisherman and his wife. They went hog-wild and got Rock Band for the Xbox 360. It’s like Guitar Hero… except with a drummer and a singer. It was LOADS of fun, and I’ve put in a pre-order for the PS2 version which releases in two weeks. It’s a fat pricetag, but I am justifying it based on the idea that there will be some Rock Band parties at my house. (The first one might even be for my birthday, which is almost four weeks away.)

Aside from the singing and bass-playing, we also went and saw The Mist. If you liked the book, this movie is an excellent adaptation of the story. Except for the last four minutes. Granted, they’re Hollywood, so they HAD to change the ending because “test audiences” want endings to their movies. But I thought it was a bad call. If you want the movie to end like the book, then just get up and leave the theater after the Land Cruiser pulls away from the grocery store. You’ll only miss about six minutes of film, and you can retain your storybook ending. (And suddenly, I’m one of those people that tells you “You won’t believe how it ends!” which ruins the surprise because you’re sitting there expecting it. I apologize.) On the plus side, the role of Mother Carmody was played perfectly. You really wanted her to die!

I’ve also lost the one pound I gained over Thanksgiving. Pretty amazing to me, since Saturday I went to San Jose’s for lunch AND dinner with CSI-Guy. Dinner was sort of a last minute plan. We were going to go to Carolina Wings to watch the Clemson game (since neither of us has cable.) and they were packed. So we’re driving around looking for another sports bar, when we passed San Jose and saw that the parking lot was deserted. We went in, asked if they’d put the game on for us, and sat there for three hours waiting for Victory. (I had said all week that I hoped it was a close game, because a rout would’ve been boring, but I didn’t mean THAT close!) Anyway, Clemson won and South Carolina will decline a bowl invitation if they get one, so I’m perfectly happy.

Go Tigers!

3 thoughts on “I’m a Rock Star, and Other, Less Important, News…”

  1. By Tigers, I’m guessing you don’t mean the Missouri Tigers 🙂 We’re #1 for the first time since 1927 heh

    I gained 5 lbs over the weekend. ACK!

  2. When Darkness Falls...

    We really love our Guitar Hero here! I’ve thought about Rock Band but it is pricey.

    I cannot believe they changed the ending to The Mist! It definately made it more “Hollywood.” I think they should have stuck to the book.

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