The Wheel of Fate Keeps on Turning…

I recently (as in within the past year) have decided to pursue Chicago. She’s a great girl who accepts me despite all my bullshit. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s funny. She has the most amazing eyes ever created by God…
Anyway… I was relaying the above thoughts to a coworker a few days ago. The coworker’s response was, “Did you know that Strutter thinks your cute?” Now, this is an odd response, because this coworker asks how things are between Chicago and myself at least once a week. This coworker also refers to me as her work-spouse, which is somewhat unnerving. But for her to ask about Chicago all the time and then try to divert attention from her once I’ve made it clear that I’ve decided… it just boggled my mind.
So, having set my sights on Chicago, I said, “She’s cute too, but I’m not interested. So don’t play matchmaker.”
She agreed, and then yesterday I’m getting a MySpace message from Strutter, which make me assume that my coworker told her to look me up on MySpace. *sigh* So let me introduce Strutter…
When I started here, I was amazed at the number of women working in our billing department. I was equally amazed at how many of them were not attractive. There was one, however, which caught my eye. I even pointed her out to my coworker. (This was almost two years ago, mind you.) The girl walked everywhere in this strutting gait, and so I nicknamed her Strutter. I didn’t go over and meet her. I didn’t even hang around long enough for her to notice me. Office romance is usually a bad idea. Besides, with that strut, I assumed she was a lesbian. A very confident lesbian.
She’s not a lesbian, though. She just wears stripper-shoes (with like fifteen-inch heels). Because she’s so friggin’ short. Like 5’1″. So she walks like that to avoid busting her ass.
Now, over the course of two years, I’ve had plenty of chances to see her, and talk with her on occasion. She’s funny and smart and hot…
Yeah, I can hear all my readers saying “But you had two years to hit on her, before making up your mind…”
I just don’t get it. Why is it that when I decide to focus on this girl, another one always seems to pop up?
Regardless, it doesn’t matter. I’m not straying from my course. Chicago wins. (Something you don’t often hear in sports anymore…)

In other news, I’ve been pretty damn strict in my eating habits. Not only have I been coming in at under 2000 calories a day, some days I’m coming in under 1500. I actually feel like I have more energy, despite my muscles all being sore from working out. Most importantly, though, I’m actually looking forward to keeping this up.

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