Ye Ain’t From Around Here, Is Ye?

Last week, I reset my little stat counter because I was trying to set one up for the new site. Today, just to see how it was working, I thought I’d look at how people got sent here. I usually don’t poke around in there, because I respect the privacy of my readers. (Translation, I don’t really care who reads it.)
Anyway, I found some of the search engine hits to be amusing:
expiration dates on canned goods (Brother, we should start a support group for this)
heavy petting on first date (Usually a bad idea)
getting laid (Hope I gave you some helpful advice, friend)
miniature gypsy wagon (I have no idea…)
stuck in the kitchen lyrics 80s hit (What’s this? Might I have a theme song?)
instructions chicken alfredo (Obviously a guy, because women call them recipes, not instructions)
sides that go with fettucini alfredo (There’s supposed to be a side???)
unfair gasoline prices (Wow… a google search led to my very first post ever!)
It also appears that MJ is my biggest referrer, with my MySpace page being the second biggest. Maybe I should send her a thank you card…

6 thoughts on “Ye Ain’t From Around Here, Is Ye?”

  1. I went back and checked, and that was the post it linked to. The gypsy wagon and tarot reading…

    MJ, I’ll buy your card today. Considering I dropped the MySpace link yesterday, though, I’ll need you to step up your referring efforts. 😉

  2. blogger ate my comment!!! AAAARGH!!!

    a lot of the referrals are me, coming over from MJ’s. i always read hers first, then click on the link to yours and read yours second.

    and yes, PH is correct about the dream.

    LOL @ “instructions” being a guy’s term.

  3. When Darkness Falls...

    I am a result of MJ “stepping up her referring efforts!” 🙂

    Maybe you should put some money in her card?!!

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