Let’s Get Physical

I’ve decided it’s time that I become serious about Stuck’s Renaissance. Up until last week, my diet has consisted of attempts at behaving during the week, with a free pass on weekends as long as I remained reasonable. It hasn’t been helping. So last Thursday, I went grocery shopping with a change of diet in mind. I bought green beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, spinach, pork riblets, steak, and chicken breasts. I’ve been hungry ever since.
I’m limiting myself to less than 2000 calories a day. It seems like a lot, to type it out like that, but considering what I WAS eating, I think 2000 is a good start. Eventually I’ll take it lower. Probably right after I get used to this limit and stop being hungry all the time.
Portion control is a big step for me. I took each of the steaks, cut them in half, and each half was the meat section of one meal. A month ago, I’d consider it an act of willpower not to eat BOTH steaks with one meal. They just taste too damn good.
The root of my problems is that food is something to do. I’ve just set down to watch a movie? Heck, why don’t I grab a bag of chips? All through the weekend, I found myself unconsciously wandering into the kitchen, looking for something “to nibble on.” Luckily, I threw all nibbling food away last Thursday. I need to find new hobbies, things that get me out of the kitchen. (And preferably out of restaurants and bars.)
Speaking of restaurants and bars, how the fuck is one supposed to be able to count calories in these places? Yeah, they’re SUPPOSED to have their nutritional factsheet handy, but I know good and damned well that this grilled chicken breast is more than 160 calories! So, much to the dismay of women around the globe, Stuck is going to have to stop eating out. (That was a sex joke.)
Luckily, the Bartender (whom I’ve not really talked about much here, but she’s the regular bartender where I go to eat lunch) is cool with me bringing in outside food. I can’t eat in the office. I HAVE to get out of this place for an hour, lest I go insane. (More insane?)
Another problem with not munching on food to pass the time is that makes cigarette cravings next to unbearable. I’ve got to so something with my hands, and while masturbation might burn plenty of calories, it’s not socially acceptable. Cigarettes, though, are on the Do-Not-Do list as well. For one thing, they make it harder to exercise. For another, it’s turning cold, and cold weather makes the stink of smoke stick to you more than usual. Plus, Chicago-Girl doesn’t like smokers. but most importantly… I’m quitting because I’m stronger than nicotine.
My goal is to lose 100 pounds before Christmas of 2008. It might be an unreasonable goal to set, but that’s what I’m shooting for. Even after losing 100 pounds, I’ll still be considered medically overweight, but not obese.
Friday night’s weigh-in – 346 pounds
I took a picture to post of me without a shirt on, but I’d be afraid of losing all of my readers if I posted it. 😉

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical”

  1. lenfercestlesautres

    Good luck. I’ve made the experience that if you want to quit something you need something else you get addicted to (preferably something healthy). When my dad quit smoking he started working out A LOT.

    Good luck in any way!

  2. Christmas 08 is a reachable goal. One thing that made a difference for me immediately was to stop drinking soda – even the diet stuff (because it has lots of sodium and the sweeteners can actually give you the munchies).

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Hmmm…this was a very interesting post. I have several friends that I’ve tried to get to lose weight. I have one who is 6’5″ and somewhere over 400 pounds. He can’t even use the scale at the doctor’s office anymore. It’s kinda sad, because he’s got medical problems because of the weight and his knees, which were already injured from football, are getting worse. And a female friend of mine is on high blood pressure meds due to weight.

    We took a pool at one point of money to bet him that he had to lose a certain amount of weight. Money is a good incentive, although it didn’t work with him. Think of the money you’ll save–using the steak example, you’re cutting your meat bill by 75%.

    All I can say is, you will get used to the portion control, and it’s definitely good that you’re starting with a reasonable calorie size. I think most people try to do dramatic diets and cut calories too low, so they just give it up after awhile.

    I’m a big muncher, myself. I drain a whole bag of Doritos watching a game, and really the only way to curb that habit is to get rid of the munchy stuff or just replace all activities that involve munching with cardio.

    Eating out is pretty bad, too. Fast food places like McDonalds get a bad rap, but most of the sit-down restaurants like Chilis are even worse.

    I will say this is a rough time to start a diet. Cold weather slows ya down, plus all the food holidays coming up.

    Good luck with this, Renaissance Man.

  4. welcome to the club, Stuck!!! I need to get back on the diet/exercise wagon, too. that 40 pounds i said i was going to lose? yeah, i lost half of it, and then PUT IT ALL BACK ON. WTF?!

    len is kind of right — instead of smoking, now i go running. i have replaced a bad habit with a good one.

    like you, i am a snacker, especially when i’m watching tv or sitting around. someone recently gave me the following advice, and i’m going to try it — people who snack in front of the tv are usually bored. so to keep busy, DO something while you watch TV: fold laundry, do a jigsaw puzzle, organize recipes (my current project), etc. so far, i have found this works like a CHARM.

    you know what, before this turns into a marathon comment, i’m just gonna email you some tips. yeah.

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