My Personal Hell

Last night I had a dream that I was laying in bed, unable to go to sleep. The only reason I knew it was a dream was because I was in the bedroom from my childhood. If there is a separate Hell for each one of us, then this will be mine. I love sleep.
I got eight hours of sleep last night, and I’m freaking exhausted.

3 thoughts on “My Personal Hell”

  1. So your idea of Hell is being stuck in your childhood bedroom with insomnia, or of insomnia in general? My childhood bedroom would scare me too. The Boogeyman still lives in the closet.

  2. be glad you are not an ancient greek. they believed that hell (well, the afterlife — hell is more of a christian concept) was uniquely tailored to each individual. so mine would have brown crickets and old people, and yours would have insomnia and cooking classes, i suppose.

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