Recently, I resigned from my weekly Dungeons & Dragons group. I’m sure most of my readers have this mental picture of a bunch of grown men gathering in somebody’s parents’ basement, but it really wasn’t anything at all like the stereotype. We played weekly for something like five years, and I finally came to a startling admission.

By hanging out with these people every week, I’m greatly reducing my ability to meet new people. Don’t get me wrong. They’re great people, great friends, and I love them dearly. But they’re also all married, and they don’t really meet new people on their own, which means I don’t meet new people through them. (There was the occasional attempt at a set-up, which never works out too well for me. I don’t like pressure.)

And so I resigned. As part of my resolution to put it behind me, I gathered up all of my gaming books to see if I can sell them on ebay. It was rather startling to see the mountain of shit that I’ve accumulated over the years. Knowing the full retail price on each of those books, I suddenly realized just how much money I’d invested in this hobby. God, I’m going to save a bundle by quitting.

There’s just one problem. I still want to play.

It’s not that I want to play Dungeons & Dragons anymore. I just need SOME type of game to play. Something to prove that I’ve not let go of my inner child. Something to hone my intellect and strategy and ability to slam my hand down on the table and scream “BOOYAH! I WIN!” every so often.

On another front, which I have avoided talking about here, I miss the girl from Chicago. A lot. I think I’m going to call her tonight. Depending on how that goes, I may take a couple of days off and drive up there. Or maybe it will go the other way, and I’ll go downtown this weekend and let Detective Jake Steele get some playtime. It’s been too long since he’s been on patrol.

8 thoughts on “Playtime”

  1. Wow, D&D doesn’t help you score chicks? Who knew? It’s a good thing every warrior carries that trusty +6 Bat of Masturbation and hopefully some Jergen’s Slippery Oil of Mystic Lubrication.

    Halo 3 just came out. You still won’t score any trim by playing it, but at least you might be able to kick some 8-year old’s ass. You can even scream, “BOOYA!” at him in your headset.

    There’s also poker. That’s a good game.

  2. capricorncringe

    PH is right .. poker is a good game. And it allows you to meet women and yell ‘BOOYA!’ … although I wouldn’t suggest yelling that at the woman you’re trying to impress.

  3. Actually, poker is a pretty good icebreaker game for women. Invite all the girls you know over. Most of them will suck at the game, so you can look like Big Daddy Bucks and show them how to play. Bonus–Drinking almost always accompanying poker. And don’t even get me started about the wonderfulness of strip poker. Just make sure you load the deck and cheat, cheat, cheat! so people don’t have to stare at your dangling sac halfway through the night.

  4. ooh, you know i’d be down for some poker!! or just a game night in general. it’s easy to set up and fun for everyone. AND cheap. everyone has some game at their house already.

    i’ll see if i can dig up some single girls for ya.

    hmmmm….uh…..well…..i’m sure someone will bring single girls for you.

    LOL at PH’s first comment. i was going to tease you about D&D, but i can’t top that.

    good luck w/Chicago girl. you’re such a romantic, Stuck! keep us posted.

    and who is detective jake steel???

  5. D&D can help you score a certain type of chick, and I’m not really interested in that type. Halo 3 looks fun, but I can’t justify buying an xbox 360 for one game.

    I like poker, but I’m not very good at it. Maybe I need to buy some mirrored shades and a full-tilt poker hat and I’ll get better…

    I’ve introduced Jake Steele before.

  6. ooooooh yeah, i forgot. jake steel. got it.

    i would like to add that MJ and i would VERY MUCH like to encourage you to buy an xbox 360, since MJ just got ALL THREE burger king xbox games for her birthday and has no console on which to play them. they are the most fun games EVER and she will totally share if you get an xbox.

    then again, i’m speaking on her behalf right now, so i’m just assuming she’s down for this plan.

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