Coming Out…

After spending close to a month in my cave, I’m coming back out to play now. (And you thought this post was about something else, didn’t you?)
I don’t know what happens to me when I get the urge to withdraw like that, but it happens every so often. I’m not sad, or anything that I would associate with manic depression. I’m just anti-social and lethargic. I just stay home and watch movies and avoid phone calls. But this week I’ve started to come back around.
Wednesday night, Team Richardson, CSI-Guy, two other girls, and myself all headed to Jillian’s to engage once again in trivia. Since it had been awhile, we decided to scrap the old team name of Heavy Petting, and changed it to Cheating By Cellphone. We led the score for the entire game, and then the last question dropped us into second place. The story of our lives. We plow through all the intellectual questions, and then the last question is always something from People Magazine or Entertainment Weekly. This weeks question was “Put the following four weddings in order from least expensive to most expensive, according to (some trendy magazine): Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, and Beckham.” Well, we all looked at each other; the men shrugged, pointed to the women, and we let them figure it out. Incorrectly. At some point in the night, I noticed Matilda Jane walking back from the trivia podium. Given that she’s fairly educated, I tried to slide my chair out and injure her, thus eliminating some competition. It failed, so I had to play it off as a joke, and then walk her back to her table to meet VB, KT, and all of their men. I’ll reserve comment on them for now, but the initial impression was positive.
The loss aside, it was a fun night, and I enjoyed being out of the cave again. So much so, that I accepted an invitation to accompany a few bartenders from my lunch hangout to a birthday party/street concert last night. One thing that I was unprepared for was the fact that restaurant folk drink more than any other human being on the planet. Within an hour, I had about eight shots and five beers. As my buzz is shifting gears, Matilda Jane appeared out of NOWHERE and is standing right beside me, pretending that she doesn’t notice me. Or maybe she really didn’t. So I stabbed her in the back with my finger, and once again shook her man’s hand. And then one of her friends, who I’ve met before at a party full of strangers and who is fairly cute, materialized out of thin air. Not wanting to cut in on MJ and her man’s cute hand-holding and other such couple-things that they probably don’t think anyone else notices, I just stepped back and enjoyed the music. Eventually, I spotted another friend I recognized and drifted over to hang out with him, and we ended up bar-hopping and drinking until 2:30 in the morning. Looking back on last night, I realize it might be viewed as rude that I didn’t say goodbye to either the bartenders or MJ before mingling, so I’m going to blame the alcohol.
Another note from last night… I need to get a puppy. The smaller it is, the better. Women will swarm you if you have a cute little puppy. However, they also seem to avoid talking to the owner and only talk to the dog and they stroke and pet and play. (That sounds so dirty.)
Tonight, I’m going to take a nap as soon as I get home from work and then CSI-Guy and I are going to Spectral Erosa in Augusta. It’s been like five months since I’ve been to this show, and I need to make an appearance just so they don’t forget how awesome I am. I’ve got to be home by 3:00am, though, because tomorrow my dad and I are driving out to my grandfather’s farm to loot, and maybe shoot the rifles a few times.
Sunday is currently open… but I think I might be sleeping.

5 thoughts on “Coming Out…”

  1. welcome back, stuckey!! it was good to run into you guys the other night.

    we sucked at trivia, unfortunately.

    do you remember the polar bear question? well, it was flawed. polar bears do not live in denmark. so that question shouldn’t have counted.

    stupid trivia girl.

    so……based on brief initial impression, what do you think about CN????

    have a good weekend. MJ, KT and i are going to get ice cream on sunday if you want to join us. 🙂

  2. Fairly educated?!

    we’re not friends anymore. Don’t bother to stab me next time I’m in your vicinity, ignoring you.

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