I Like Dark Places

Sorry I’ve been quiet. Life’s been fairly uneventful, and I’ve sort of been in a Dark Place for a couple of weeks. I’ll be back soon. I promise.

9 thoughts on “I Like Dark Places”

  1. dark place??? OMG, do you need brownies??? cuz i can make some!

    you need to meet CN. i think you will like him. 🙂 are you down for some Heavy Petting?

  2. A dark place? Time to come out of the closet, Stuck! ho, ho, ho.

    Just reassure me that this doesn’t have to do with a female. I’d hate to have to drive up to SC and bitch-slap you.

  3. VB – I like brownies, and yes, I’m down for some Heavy Petting.

    Cap – Lights use electricity, and electricity costs money, and I need to save every cent I can so that I can afford to support len when she moves to America to be my love slave.

    PH – Nah, it has nothing to do with a woman. I just get dark moods every so often.

    Len – Don’t read my response to Cap. =)

  4. you can join me, MJ, KT and more peeps (and yes, even meet CN) if you join us at jillian’s on wednesday nite!

    i think you will be happy to find that i’m dating a bona fide Nice Guy. i think you will be proud. 🙂

    i will see what i can do in the brownie department, if you really are in dire need. let me know.

  5. Yeah, last night was the beginning of coming out of my cave. I think I’m about to make a second excursion out just to check out Five Points After Five today…

    And then tomorrow night will be the third mission, as I trek to Augusta for Spectral Erosa. I think I might be done with the dark place for awhile.

    We’ll see how it goes.

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