Hungry for Music

Help me out, readers. I’m in the mood for a very specific sound of music and want to hear some suggestions. Two examples I can give are Voodoo, by Godsmack, and I Burn, by The Toadies. Something heavy on “tribal drums” and bass guitar. Something Pagan.

6 thoughts on “Hungry for Music”

  1. I think Michael Bolton’s “when a man loves a woman” would be perfect for this mood.

    you’re welcome.

  2. Sounds like someone is updating their “Sex Mix”. I’ve never heard either of the songs you mentioned, but how about One by Lamb? That song is hot.

  3. haha, I was thinking of Tusk too 🙂 I’d also try Sons and Daughters song Dance Me In

    and I love MJs comment 🙂

  4. ah, so the self-described “music snob” needs some help, huh?

    you should have thought about this before making fun of the fact that i’m a closet mariah carey fan.

    off the top of my head, i can only think of one song. there’s a song on pearl jam’s VS with tribal drums in the background. i don’t know the name of it.

    i’m so helpful, huh?

    you need to ask bill. he knows music better than anyone. he’s on my myspace if he’s not on yours already.

  5. I’ve never claimed to be a music snob, that’s CSI-Guy. I’m a fan of all music, as long as it’s not commercial-grade, cookie-cutter shit.

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