Renaissance Update

I haven’t forgotten about my self-renovation project, but I also haven’t been writing about it. Just to give a brief update, I’ve lost six pounds since I started, which is pretty good considering that I quit smoking. But last night, I decided it was time to change gears.

I tightened all the screws on my weight bench, dusted of the treadmill, and spent an hour after that working out for the first time in about six months. My arms are killing me today, but not in a “you pushed too hard” kind of way. My legs are not sore at all, which is good because today I’m hitting the treadmill.

Other than that, I have nothing to report on…

5 thoughts on “Renaissance Update”

  1. That’s awesome, dude. You should add a little Bridget Jones diary thing on your blog entries. Something like this:

    Weight: xxx lbs.
    12 cigarettes smoked
    4 shots of Old Granddad
    11 Pabst Blue Ribbons inbibed
    4380 calories
    1622 calories vomited

    I have to say the whole quitting smoking and gaining weight thing is overrated. I had a gf that refused to quit only because she was worried about gaining weight.

    I still smoke socially occasionally, and I feel like ass every morning afterwards.

    ~mj–If I had a dollar for every time someone said
    “I’m never…again.” With me, it’s drinking when I get a particularly nasty hangover.

    I’m sorry you got your ass kicked. Maybe that’ll teach you to mouth off to the meathead lesbians.

  2. stuck, that’s awesome! you are doing great!!!

    i quit smoking almost 4 weeks ago. and since i have recently put about 4 pounds back on, i too am hitting the gym and watching what i eat.

    except for all that stupid ice cream…d’oh!

    still trying to absorb the fact that MJ went to a step class…

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