8 thoughts on “Marijuana, the Silent Killer (for Len)”

  1. It combines the two funniest things about pot: paranoia and the perception of time. Two friends of mine got stoned and sat in a car once watching the clock on the dashboard for about fifteen minutes. Every time the minute changed, they would cheer.

    It wasn’t quite as exciting for me, but I found it wildly hilarious anyway.

  2. lenfercestlesautres

    Here comes the expert 😀
    Pot brownies are the thing not to do, because either you won’t react to it at all, or you will get really sick. Only in a few cases you will actually get high. So… just smoke the stuff. 😉

  3. Hysterical video, but something else caught my eye. Did you stick the PENIS label on this one just for the hell of it or was there some nefarious reason for it?

  4. Virginia Belle

    OMG….i have tears rolling down my cheeks. thanks for sharing, stuckey. that was a scream.

    and felecia– i believe it was just for the hell of it. he tries to put penis into every post.

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