Wasting Time…

Check out Stick Figures in Peril! It’s a collection of ridiculous warning signs and a bucket full of laughs.
In other news, I’m sick.
…like physically ill, not the other kind. You already knew about the other one.

8 thoughts on “Wasting Time…”

  1. Virginia Belle

    aw, i’m sorry you feel poopy, stuck! are you barfy/fever sick, or just cold/allergy sick?

    i have a sinus infection, if it makes you feel better. misery loves company.

    do you need some pumpkin bread? i’m making some. let me know. it’s pretty yummy. but if your nose is stuffed up, you might not be able to taste it.

  2. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope things resolve & you’re feeling better soon. Since I’m dealing with this stone stuff, we can commiserate in our sickness.

  3. Phantom Hater

    I hope to God you don’t actually laugh by screaming “BWAAAAAA!!!!!” That would scare the shit out of me.

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