I rock.

Originally, I was just going to write “That is all” here and post it, but that would be too much twisting of a tag. (Though I think it’d be funnier.)
Cap, in a fit of fabulous lesbian bitterness, has tagged me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I’m not linking to Cap, because she moved her blog to a new site to avoid someone and I’ll respect her right to privacy… even though she’s blogging on the Internet… and didn’t change her nickname… and I found it within five minutes of her announcing that she moved it by searching Google…
Anyhow, not only did she tag me for a chick-fest, but I was the FIRST on her list. I totally rock more than those other four girls. (I will maintain this belief, because the other option is than I’m more girly than them. I’ll concede that I’m more girl than Len, though.)
The problem, however, is that now I have to make my own icon for it. I’m not posting the girly one that you ladies are using…
So, for now, I’ll throw the horns up,

bust out a mad jam,

and let all of you know

And I can’t narrow down the list of “ladies I’d like to tag” to five people…

3 thoughts on “I rock.”

  1. CapricornCringe

    This actually made me laugh out loud, as opposed to just typing “lol” which means I really only smiled soundlessly.

    You do rock.

    And you can link me if you want because I am a rockin’ moron and the person I was avoiding probably found me the same way you did. Go ahead. Say it.

  2. lenfercestlesautres

    I’ll concede that I’m more girl than Len, though.

    Asshole. 😉

    We two should meet and check.

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