More Than Meets the Eye

Despite the fact that I’ve gone into Wallet Preservation Mode in order to cover the $3000 (2,200€, for Len) repair bill on my air conditioning, I had to go and see Transformers. I had to.
Originally, it was going to be a joke. The Fisherman (I need a better nickname for this guy) took myself and CSI-Guy to see American Haunting a while ago. It was god-awful. It sucked. It was, by far, one of the Top Five worst movies I’ve gone to see. As payback for this, CSI-Guy and I agreed that we each got to pick one shitty movie to drag The Fisherman to. CSI-Guy immediately chose Postal, because we all know that Uwe Boll can’t make a movie worth shit.
I, however, patiently waited and watched for the perfect terrible trailer. Then one day, there was a 13-second trailer that showed film footage of the Mars Rover being attacked by some transformer-shaped creature. Oh yes. This would be my choice.
Over time, though, the buzz made the movie sound better than I expected. And, finally, the second preview was released… one that showed an autobot climbing out of a swimming pool and stepping over a little girl. And that was all it took.
I told Fisherman that Transformers wouldn’t count as my bad movie choice unless he dressed up for the opening night. (Dressed up… as in put on a robot suit or, at the very least, wore a Robochrist tee shirt.) I was stoked. I wanted to see this movie about my childhood playmates. I had to. It was made just for me.
So we went and saw it Tuesday night.
It was awesome. Like… super-awesome. It won’t win any Oscars (aside from special effects, maybe), but this movie is my favorite movie in the past three years. Maybe it’s because of my childhood toy selection, I don’t know.
Anyway… go see this movie. Give Michael Bay your money.

14 thoughts on “More Than Meets the Eye”

  1. CapricornCringe

    I’m a Tom and Jerry cartoon kind of girl.

    But maybe that’s because I’m middle-aged.

    And bitter.

  2. Phantom Hater

    Tom and Jerry was OK. It was only lacking one thing.

    Rat poison. Oh, how I wished Tom would wise up one day and there would be a scene with Jerry curled up in a fetal ball as the poison coursed through him, spasms wracking his little body.

    There was an episode of G.I. Joe on the other day, and I was wondering how weird it would be if some guy in full military armor or a sailor’s outfit just walked up to the playground and started giving advice to the kids.

    “Remember Jimmy, always make sure you wear a condom on your lil’ Cobra!”

  3. Cap – Tom & Jerry had the same problem that Road Runner had. I was always pulling for the dumbass. Maybe I’m just not bitter or middle-aged enough.

    PH – there is a website somewhere that has a bunch of the old GI Joe PSAs dubbed over with other stuff. Hilarious.

    And Thundercats wasn’t gay. He-Man was gay. Thundercats, at least, had the chick with the boobs.

  4. Virginia Belle

    thank you, stuckey! i saw the preview and thought it looked like a cool movie. no one believed me!

    also, thanks for the heads up on American Haunting. removing it from my netflix queue right now….

    LOL @ your post title. and PH.

    i liked all of these cartoons discussed here.

    of course, girly girl that i am, i only liked all the female characters.

    wait, is there a female transformer? there should be. she could be a little red convertible.

  5. Phantom Hater

    There was a pink sports car one. I don’t remember her name. Stuck could probably help out with that. She was like Smurfette, probably the c**-dumpster of the Autobot world. I thought it was awful. The girls had Gem and My Little Pony. We didn’t need any damn pink Transformers.

  6. Arcee (Yes, there’s a Wikipedia article about the female transformer) was actually supposed to appear in the movie, but they took her out due t fan complaints and put Ironhide in instead.

  7. Phantom Hater

    I wouldn’t kick Arcee out of bed. Hit her with some WD-40 just to ease the ride a little, start out slow, then ride her ’till the wheels come off. Beep-beep baby!

  8. Now I have that silly commercial jingle in my head..

    “Transformers..more than meets the eye..transformers, robots in disguise..”

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