Some Like It Hot…

But not me. It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit (33 Celsius, I think) in my house right now, which is two degrees lower than before the thunderstorms rolled through. I don’t know whether to thank the storms for lowering the temperature of my home, or to curse them for blowing out my air-conditioner yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot…”

  1. Virginia Belle

    oh no!!!! seriously??? dude, you should have called me. when is it getting fixed? you should just stay at my house. we live close to each other.

    i’m texting you about this right now.

  2. Virginia Belle

    also, $3,000????


    sorry dude. now i really will have to make lasagna for you! 🙂

  3. Virginia Belle

    p.s. it could have been worse. the lightning could have hit your house. or you. and you’d be homeless or dead. or, at the very least, burned up into little crispy stuckey bits.


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