5 thoughts on “In Case You Want to Laugh….”

  1. I know, seriously… what the heck happened over there?!

    We should start a conversation here in your comments about something that has nothing to do with anything…. like…. um…. stonewashed jeans and pink shirts.

  2. lenfercestlesautres

    yeah, guys with pink shirts look silly!

    Seriously, now that I re-read it from the beginning, it really cracks me up.

  3. Phantom Hater

    “yeah, guys with pink shirts look silly!”

    I resent that! Pink is a solid, masculine color and it’s perfectly suited for summer living, whether it’s lounging on Daddy’s yacht or shotgunning beers at a frat party. Two words–Don Johnson!

    Stonewashed jeans, on the other hand…no opinion, although I think older-cut jeans flatter a girl’s butt better than the newer, ass-crackin’ jeans.

    What does suck a Jersey peach mean? I hope it’s something naughty.

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