7 thoughts on “Also, for the Columbians…”

  1. Phantom Hater

    iTug? It sounds like some new kind of iPod accessory. Maybe it’s an electronic masturbator that plugs into the newly-revamped Nano? I definitely need a cold shower.

  2. Friday nights, at the Art Bar, they have this event caleld iPop, which is a iPod DJ thing. iTug is when Tug (Monday night bartender ar the Red Tub and all around hip dude) gets to be the iPod DJ. I think he’s doing it again this Friday night.

  3. wow Stuck… way to narrow the crowd down to one…. yourself…. I didn’t even know what the heck iTug was… and I have my own cot set up in the Art Bar back room for f*ck’s sake!

    I like PHs idea better anyway.

  4. Stuck~
    I just have that indierocket link to look cool… I don’t actually read it. Ok, maybe I read it once or twice…

  5. Phantom Hater

    Listen to all y’all (or is it alls y’alls? y’alls all?) hip Carolinians! iPod DJs! iDon’t even own an iPod. iOwn some Sansas because they’re cheaper, although iHate the fact that you can only find iPod accessories.

    Anyway, iTug sounds interesting. iAlways appreciate plugs for local music scenes. MJ, your coolness factor just went down, as you obviously don’t have your finger on the pulse of the Columbia music scene. Just because you have a funky hair-cut doesn’t make you hip, you know. iAm a little disappointed.

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